EMW's journey started when she began drawing her friends as anime characters [inspired by a Tiktok trend] during quarantine. This cross section of worlds led her to think about the integration of anime into our society and vice versa. EMW paired this with her love of fashion and after posting a video of the A:TLA boys in modern clothes on Tiktok which went viral, she found that many others shared her interests as well.

Since then, EMW has dropped out of college to become a full time artist, gained over 570k followers across social media accounts, drawn over 100+ characters in modern fashion, collaborated with respectable brands and influencers, and opened up a website in which she has shipped prints all over the world. More importantly, however, is that EMW has become part of an amazing community that allows her to learn more about fashion, culture, and anime, which inspire her constantly. She is so thankful that she has been able to grow as an artist and person through an incredible fanbase who continue to support her.