EMW, also known as Emma Wagner, started drawing her friends as anime characters [inspired by a Tiktok trend] at the start of quarantine. This cross section of worlds lead her to think about the integration of anime into our society, specifically from a fashion perspective. After posting a video of the A:TLA boys in modern clothes on Tiktok [which gained over 1.8 million views], she found that many others shared her interests and began to make a series out of it.

Since then, EMW has dropped out of college to become a full time artist and pursue her goals, gained over 160k followers across social media accounts, created over 100+ characters in modern fashion, and opened up a website in which she has shipped prints all over the world. More importantly, however, is that EMW has learned much more about fashion, culture, and anime, which continue to inspire her. She has been able to grow rapidly as an artist and person through an amazing community who continues to support her.